Are you an established business that needs to shift growth up a gear?  Or an investor, mining for food business talent?

I help high growth businesses in the early stages (from 5-50 employees), with the potential (20%+ annual growth) and determination to step up into the next phase.

I also work with investors and boutique finance houses who are looking for their next ‘investment gold’ – young concepts that are fun and interesting, but can graduate into ‘a proper business’.

My services are always tailored to need, but these are the issues I focus on:

Sales – evaluating development opportunities, articulating a strategy and action plan for growth

The brand – identifying the right channels to maximise brand awareness

The business – identifying opportunities for growth, creating a compelling proposition and strategy

Customers – increasing listings, footfall, penetration and average spend

Marketing & PR – developing and implementing a business PR strategy focused on enhancing the business profile within the sphere of potential partners and funders

The team – building a high performance team around the founder(s), working with the founders to make the switch from entrepreneur to MD

True innovation – collaborating and partnering for business innovation, embedding a culture of innovation

Funding and investment – getting the business ready to attract the right funding for growth

7 Responses to Growing

  1.' Kay Summers says:

    Hi Monique
    I would like to book a one-off 70 min consultation with you, could you please contact me at the above email address or call 01626 864709. Thanks, Kay

    • Monique says:

      Hello Kay, thanks for your note and interest in a one-off consultation. I have sent you and email andf look forward to speaking with you. Best, Monique

  2.' Pedram safari says:

    Dear monique
    I would like to book a consultation with you. Can you please contact me on my email address.

  3.' Nadia Anderson says:

    I have not yet set up a business, I only have a business idea and need some advice on how to turn it into a plan. I currently work part time from 3.30-7.30pm everyday, as a private tutor, and i have lots of free time in the week.

    I have become very passionate about healthy food over the past few years, as I became unwell whilst starting university and antibiotics that were given to me by doctors, only made it worse. I have spent a lot of time trying to make myself better through a healthy diet, and I am proud to say it has worked.

    One thing I get frustrated with is the lack of healthy takeaway services in London, I live in South Kensington. I thought I could start a healthy food company that could deliver to homes, as well as prepare and deliver meals for corporate businesses. As well as meals, I want to deliver healthy smoothies and natural treats and snacks.

    I have no experience with how business works, and I definitely need some help discussing funds, how much I would need to save before starting the business, marketing ideas etc. If this is something you can help with please let me know! Thanks, Nadia

    •' Li Yin says:

      Hi Monique,

      I was wondering if I could ask for some advice about setting up a food business in London? Also, my concept/idea is very similar to Nadia Anderson’s above. How strange!

      Li Yin

  4.' Matt bowring says:

    Hi Monique
    We would love your help. We are at a very crucial point in our business but are very time poor. Things are starting to build up. We have branding underway and a copycat business had just started in our area and is sung to the stress and almost making us lose sight of our vision. Would you be able to send a cost breakdown for mentoring if you have space or time.

    Best regards

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