If you are ambitious, with an idea for a scalable business, I can help you to develop and investable business plan, find partners, get word out and start selling.

These are the key issues for most start-ups. Together can we take a look at how to best tailor my support and advice to your priorities:

The concept – developing new products and services, exploiting your IP

The brand - developing your brand and USPs, differentiating yourself from the competition, identifying the right channels to raise awareness

The business – creating a compelling value proposition and strategy, planning and developing an effective organisation, bringing scale to your business

Customers – finding, winning and growing profitable customers, increasing footfall, penetration and average spend

Sales – understanding what it costs to ‘play’, how to maximise sales and profit, finding the right  markets and channels

The team – building a high performance team

Funding and investment – attracting the right funding, getting your business investment ready

Daniel Edwards, Co-founder of  The Lido Cafe , Winner in the Time Out Eating and Drinking Awards 2011, said: “working with Monique has been really beneficial to us. It is helping us to manage ourselves better as a business, working towards becoming more mature and hopefully meeting our longer term aims (ie. making a profit and expansion)”.

8 Responses to Starting

  1. Sally Hawkes says:

    At a crossroads with my business.Don’t know which road to take – stick with the brand I have built up since 2005, invest in bringing its image up to date and in an e-commerce facility, or dump the brand (mainly because of its unclear message) and relaunch with a new image under the name: Queen of Chocs. If you think you can help me through my decision-making in one of your 70 minute sessions please let me know.
    Many thanks

    • Monique says:

      Hello Sally, thanks for getting in touch! How did you hear about me? An initial consultation is just a 70 minute session … which means we can’t cover everything your business might need, but we can definitely hone in on your most pressing issues and how you can overcome them. I will e-mail you with my thoughts on the way forward. Best, Monique

  2. Biju Thekkethala says:

    Hi Monique
    My name is Biju Thekkethala I would like to start a chicken curry paste business in UK.I will prepare the spices and make the curry paste myself in my kitchen. Customers just need a chicken. I will try two type of curry paste 1) Spicy 2) medium spicy. I believe there is a market.

    I am using my kitchen to make curry paste and I have spoken to the council in, UK and council staff inspect my home and check my kitchen and gave me licence to make the curry paste.

    I will try the local market first, church fair local trade fair etc.The entire supermarket is selling curry paste but not like our kerala style. I tried on my work place chicken curry sometime and they like it.
    I need more about what kind of packing materials I need and equipments.I need more help for process and cooling and keep in freezing details.

    Kind Regards

    Biju ThekkethaL

    United Kingdom


    • Monique says:

      Hello Biju, thank you for your note and getting in touch. I will reply to the email address above with my suggestions on how I may be able to help accelerate your plans. Best, Monique

  3. Lorraine Blower says:

    Hi im thinking of starting an eatery somewhere different ihave lots of ideas for this and really think it could work with what i want to do, i have no funds only myself and hard work to make this work, so i think maybe i need to do a watertight business plan to take to the bank? i have no idea how to start ?? im not sure if you could help me but thought i would try thanks many regards Lorraine

  4. Oscar says:

    Hi, Monique,

    me and my girlfriend have an idea for a vietnamese eatery in my local town, thinking a fixed premises or a food truck. i think at the moment this food is still niche and there isnt much Asian competition in the area. I just dont have any business experience and where to start. what services can i gain from you?

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