Are you fed-up with surface-level business guidance and want to work with someone who can help you get under the skin of your business and make it work better?

If you answered yes to this question, then you’re in the right place!

I offer ad hoc consulting services for businesses who need a boost, a sounding board for a plan, project or pitch or help unravelling and solving a customer-related or operational problem.

Whom is it for?

Ideally suited to SMEs in food service, independent food retailers or suppliers to retail, who don’t want or need a regular mentoring programme but who welcome the opportunity to share ideas and gain the input of an expert. This service is flexible and on-demand to enable your to take advantage of my expertise in the most appropriate way for you and your business.

Many consulting clients start with a series of ad hoc days over a period of time and then migrate to mentoring at a later stage.

Claire Dunphy Managing Director of award winning Breeze Yoga said: “Monique quite literally saved my bacon! I can’t thank her enough for her committment, for her enthusiasm, for sharing her expertise and experience. Monique put the “wind in my sails” and now we’re certainly starting to fly!”

Daniel Edwards, Co-founder of  The Lido Cafe , Winner in the Time Out Eating and Drinking Awards 2011, said: “working with Monique has been really beneficial to us. It is helping us to manage ourselves better as a business, working towards becoming more mature and hopefully meeting our longer term aims (ie. making a profit and expansion)”.

We work together in the way that works for you

Getting business momentum takes time. It’s a process of assessing your current business, making plans, executing those plans, getting feedback on what worked, tweaking and repeating. If there’s a magic wand, I haven’t found it, but my advising process, frameworks and tools work reliably.

Our best results will come from working with each other through time, typically 6-12 months, when I’m there to advise you on how to keep things going despite the challenges that you will come up against.

We’ll determine the right pace for you in our first call, but the most common pattern is that we’ll talk or meet every other week with email contact in between.

If you’d just like a one-off consultation, you can choose a 90 minute session for £250. Remember that this is just an hour and a half session which means we can’t cover everything your business might need, but we can hone in on your most pressing issues and how you can overcome them.

No matter the format, you’ll come away with better insights and perspectives about your business, better plans and actions and from each and every contact.

Once you have decided on the best option for you, you’ll be sent to a questionnaire to tell me about your business and the challenges you’d like to discuss.




4 Responses to Consultancy

  1. Sally Hawkes says:

    At a crossroads with my business.Don’t know which road to take – stick with the brand I have built up since 2005, invest in bringing its image up to date and in an e-commerce facility, or dump the brand (mainly because of its unclear message) and relaunch with a new image under the name: Queen of Chocs. If you think you can help me through my decision-making in one of your 70 minute sessions please let me know.
    Many thanks

    • Monique says:

      Hello Sally, thanks for getting in touch! How did you hear about me? An initial consultation is just a 70 minute session … which means we can’t cover everything your business might need, but we can definitely hone in on your most pressing issues and how you can overcome them. I will e-mail you with my thoughts on the way forward. Best, Monique

  2. Biju Thekkethala says:

    Hi Monique
    My name is Biju Thekkethala I would like to start a chicken curry paste business in UK.I will prepare the spices and make the curry paste myself in my kitchen. Customers just need a chicken. I will try two type of curry paste 1) Spicy 2) medium spicy. I believe there is a market.

    I am using my kitchen to make curry paste and I have spoken to the council in, UK and council staff inspect my home and check my kitchen and gave me licence to make the curry paste.

    I will try the local market first, church fair local trade fair etc.The entire supermarket is selling curry paste but not like our kerala style. I tried on my work place chicken curry sometime and they like it.
    I need more about what kind of packing materials I need and equipments.I need more help for process and cooling and keep in freezing details.

    Kind Regards

    Biju ThekkethaL

    United Kingdom


    • Monique says:

      Hello Biju, thank you for your note and getting in touch. I will reply to the email address above with my suggestions on how I may be able to help accelerate your plans. Best, Monique

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